Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How To Overcome Sneezes

"Symptoms, then, are in reality nothing but a cry from suffering organs" - Jean Martin 

Sneezing is actually good for health, but sneezing 50 to 60 times a day is definitely a disease. Sometimes when we catch a cold or suffering from runny nose, we experience nasal congestion. To get rid of this 'traffic jam' in the nose and to enhance our breathing channel, our body forces us to sneeze. 

When our body is trying to help us by discharging the waste material through our nose, we are striving to stop it by taking medicines. Our sneezing stops temporarily by doing so. But  this leads to further infections. Eventually we cannot recover from cold and thus sneezing seeps into our life again and again.

Some people sneeze due to snow or a breeze. Some due to dust. Others by the smell of an incense stick. And few others because of the pungent smell coming from the kitchen condiments while cooking.      

We can get rid of sneezes within 20 to 30 days by following the below techniques.

  • Drink 5 Liters of Lukewarm Water: People who drink less water will have this problem very often. So they have to drink 5 liters of lukewarm water. Never drink cold water.    
  • Speed Walk or Jog: Every morning speed walk or jog for 50 min. While doing this do not talk but take long breaths and keep moving your hands freely. This will make your nostrils free.   
  • Do Praanaayaama: Practice long breathing pranaayaamaa (not the short breathing one). Start this while your nostrils are free from the nasal congestion. If the congestion of nose still persists then continue jogging for 2 to 3 days as described above and later start doing pranaayaama.  
  • Vaporize Your Face:  Apply any oil to face and get it vaporized for 10 min daily. You can do this twice daily for better result. No need to mix anything in water.  
  • Avoid Artificial Food: All the processed food and bakery items aggravate this problem. So please avoid sugar, sweets, cakes, puffs etc. Remember that entering a bakery is just giving an invitation card to illness. 
  • Say No to All Chilled Items: Any cool item is a strict "No No". Hence no cool drinks, ice creams, pastries etc. Simply avoid all the refrigerator items.   

70 to 80% of the people get rid of sneezes by following the above tips. If anyone still struggles with it even after following the above then there is a last resort. 
  • Quit Salt and Oil: Having tasty healthy dishes without salt and oil as suggested by Dr Mantena Satyanarayan Raju will resolve all your sneezing problems. 
    PS: If you are taking any medicines to avoid sneezing you can quit all of them before following the above tips.   

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